Friday, December 30, 2005

Egypt police breaks up Sudanese refugee sit-in,Young girl dies.

Thousands of Egyptian riot police have forcefully evacuated hundreds of Sudanese refugees, breaking up a three-month old protest outside UN offices in Cairo.
Several refugees were wounded when phalanxes of riot police armed with sticks and shields stormed the small square where the Sudanese had been camping at around 5:00 am
An AFP reporter saw several people being dragged away from the mayhem, as the refugees -- including dozens of women and small children -- tried to resist their evacuation.
The refugees were forced into dozens of buses lined up on one of the main thoroughfares in Cairo's upmarket neighbourhood of Mohandessin, ending a standoff that had lasted most of the night. AFP

A young Sudanese girl of about four died when Egyptian police fought on Friday with thousands of Sudanese demanding to be allowed to start new lives abroad.
Reuters witnesses at the scene said there were about six unconscious Sudanese, some of them young children, lying on the ground after police used force to clear some 3,500 people who had camped in squalid conditions for over two months.
A doctor at the site who examined the girl who was brought to him after being found unconscious said: "She's dead."
The protesters had refused to clear the area after police fired water cannons on them, demanding that the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) arrange for them to be flown out of Egypt. Puddles of blood were visible on the pavement as the Sudanese men in the camp fought back with sticks and hurled bottles at the riot police. Reuters


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